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Welcome to the memorial and biographical site for Brigitte Lundblade-Hasselblatt.

Brigitte passed on May 17, 2008 in Tallinn Estonia at the age of 85. She had a rich and adventurous life which included living through WW II in Germany, bringing the Bahá'í Faith to the Shetland Islands, raising a family in unfamiliar America and returning to live in Estonia while it was still part of the USSR to become the spiritual mother of the Estonian Bahá'í community. This site tells much of this story in pictures.

Brigitte's biography, The Life of a Pioneer, is now available for purchase online! This 150 page book was written by Susanne Pfaff-Grossmann based  on interviews with Brigitte.  It provides the
stories behind many of the pictures on this web site.

We have selected Direct Relief International if you would like to make a donation on Brigitte's behalf. This organization is meaningful to the family because of their mission and because it was founded by an Estonian living in California. Please be sure to put Brigitte's full name on the "tribute card". Bahá'ís may of course contribute to the Bahá'í funds in Brigitte's name.

On April 24, 2009, Brigitte's oldest brother, Theo, passed on. I had the great pleasure of his company and participation at Brigitte's funeral. I enjoyed his warm and enthusiastic personality that was many years younger than he was. I was very much looking forward to seeing him again at one of the Hasselblatt gatherings.

Most Sincerely,
   Laurence Lundblade and family