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An overview of Brigitte's story is presented here, based on the many significant milestones in her life: 

  • 1923-1950 - Family, Childhood & WWII - Estonia & Germany
  • 1950-1960 - Becoming A Baha'i - UK & Shetland Islands
  • 1960-1984 - Marriage & Family - California, USA
  • 1984-2008 - The Journey Home - Finland & Estonia
  • Memorial - Brigitte's Life Remembered

Links -- The Baha'i Faith was very dear to Brigitte. She devoted her life to it after finding it in England in 1950. This is the official public web site of the Baha'i community. -- Brigitte spent the last 18 years of her life lovelingly caring for and growing the Baha'i community in Estonia, the country of her birth. (This web site is in Estonian).

Wikipedia Baha'i Faith Articles -- Wikipedia has extensive articles on the Baha'i Faith in English and other languages.

The Hasselblatt Family Web Site -- Most of Brigitte's brother, sisters, nieces and nephews today live in Germany. They have a long family history, get together on a regular basis and have their own web site. (This web site is in German)

Brigitte's Book: The Life of a Pioneer -- Online purchase of Brigitte's book from Wordclay.